Heater’s Haven was founded by Chris Heater, who found CBD during an incredibly challenging season of his life. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, his wife lost her job and had to stay home with their toddler. To make ends meet, Chris worked 80+ hours a week as a FedEx® driver. Both he and his wife were overwhelmed and desperately needed something to improve their wellness. They discovered CBD products and started using them. Incredibly, these products turned the tide and helped them take control of their lives again. Through this experience, Chris realized that he could help others  and Heater’s Haven was born!

At Heater’s Haven, we believe in CBD with integrity, which is why we’ve partnered with Joy Organics, the only current source of USDA-certified organic CBD oil tinctures. Back when our founders tried CBD out of desperation, they didn’t have the time or money to waste on hollow products. That is why Heater’s Haven refuses to sell anything less than the best. We curate an outstanding collection of broad-spectrum CBD products that have their full strength. Best of all, they integrate easily into daily routines. This is self care that keeps up with you!

Heater’s Haven was created to be a source of relief, comfort, and empowerment for you. If you feel like life’s tidal waves are taking you over, CBD can provide the physical support you need to endure and thrive. It’s natural; it’s affordable; it’s easy. Shop our collection today.